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    Maya-Xel pieces combine the most spectacular marine creatures with a design that enhances all their natural beauty, using copper as a support element for its flexibility and durability.

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        Our Seashells

        Pleuroploca Gigantea (Florida Horse Conch)

        The Florida Horse Conch is the second largest type of spiraled shell (gastropod) in the world. There are registered specimens of 2 feet in length. It is also one of the heaviest shells in world with some examples weighing in at 18 pounds. The Florida Horse Conch is an apex preditor in the shell universe, consuming any other smaller shell that crosses it’s path. It is one of the only cannibalistic shells in existance as it will gladly eat it’s on kind. Truly large specimens (20” or larger) are an exceptionally eye catching piece whether be in a collection or alone on the mantle.

         The shell is generally brown in color, with the opening reddish-orange. Juvenile organisms are orange. Shell with eight convex turns and well defined sutures, the shoulder has wide but not very high nodules. The spire is high. The opening is wide and oval, with a columella with two or three folds near the base. Brown corneal operculum. Shell with thick fibrous periostrack. Long siphon canal.


        You can make your choise of Pleuroploca Gigantea by:

        • Size:    120 to 210 inch
        • Color:  Red , Orange, Orange light


         Charonia Variegata (Caribbean Triton)

        These exquisite pieces of seashell art are unique and extremely colorful hanging style shell lamps made from the Caribbean Triton seashell (Charonia Variegata) species. Indigenous to the Mayan Riviera of Mexico. Usually a brown and white tortoise shell pattern but rarely an orange and white tortoise shell pattern. These beautiful table lamps range in size from 8 to 13 inches in length.  An extremely pretty shell and makes for a great table top conversation piece.

        You can make your choise of Charonia Variegata by:

        • Size:    8.0 to 13.0 inchs
        • Color:  Brown Orange

         Melo Broderipii (Crowned Bailer)

        The gorgeous Crowned Bailer sea shell hanging lamp is sure to brighten any room.  A collectors item and true conversation piece The Melo broderipii shell is from the southwest Pacific. Otherwise known as the Crowned Bailer shell, it was used for centuries as a tool. The indigenous peoples from Sri lanka to Australia would use this shell to bail out there canoes as the shell was light weight and held a good amount of water.

        You can make your choise of Melo Broderipii by:

        • Size:    9.0 to 11.0 inchs
        • Color:  Amber , Gray/Orange

         Cassis Madagascariensis (Clench Helmet)

        The clench helmet is a subspecies of a much smaller species called the Emperor Helmet. The Emperor Helmet lives in fairly shallow Caribbean Sea waters. The Clench Helmet is very similar in appearance but lives in deep water and grows on the average twice as big as the Emperor Helmet. It is the second largest helmet in the world and fairly hard to obtain in perfect condition as only divers that are willing to go deep enough to retrieve them well bring up the perfect condition shells.

        The gorgeous lamp made from a hand picked collectors Clench Helmet sea shell is both a conversation piece, head turner and work of art all in one.  Created and individually handmade my internationally acclaimed artist and coral conservationist Kevin Haley.

        You can make your choise of Cassis Madagascariensis by:

        • Size:    8.0 to 13.0 inches
        • Color:  Orange


         Busycon Contrarium

        Busycon Contrarium belongs to the Gastropod class of mollusks.

        Its shell is very large, 4 to 16 inchs, pyriform, gray-yellow with purple to brown axial stripes, blurred along the posterior edge. Large and developed body loop that occupies most of the shell, with sutures below the shoulder; sinistrous opening, piriform; external lip thin, with brownish-purple border; yellow-orange internal color. Long and slightly recurved siphon canal. Operculum corneum, concentric, brown, subcentral nucleus; periostrachus thin, brown.

        You can make your choise of Busycon Contrarium by:

        • Size:    9.0 to 13.0 inch
        • Color:  White/Pink Orange/Pink

         Turbinella Angulata

        Turbinella Angulata is a species of large tropical sea snail with a dewlap and an operculum, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Turbinellidae
        Turbinella angulata shells can reach a size of 12.7 to 49.6 centimeters (5.0 to 19.5 inches). These large shells are heavy and spindle-shaped, with a sculpture of 8 to 10 prominent ribs angled at the shoulder. Columella has three strong folds. The basic color of the outer shell surface is white, while the inner shell can be pink or orange.

        You can make your choise of Turbinella Angulata by:

        • Size:    8.0 to 15.0 inchs
        • Color:   Orange/Yellow

         Murex Ramosus

        Murex Ramosus is a species of predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae.

        M. Ramosus has a large, solid, very strong and heavy carapace, up to 330 mm in length. It is relatively globose in outline, with a short needle, a slightly inflated body whorl, and a moderately long siphon canal. One of its most striking ornamentation is the striking recurve hollow digitizations in the form of leaves. It also has three spiny axial varices per whorl, with two elongated nodes between them. The shell is externally white to light brown in color, with a white opening, usually pinkish towards the inner edge, the outer lip and the columella.

        You can make your choise of Murex Ramosus by:

        • Size:    9.0 to 11.0 inchs
        • Color:  White

         Tonna Galea

        Tonna galea, commonly known as the giant tun, is a species of marine gastropod mollusc in the family Tonnidae.

        The ventricose shell of adult Tonna galea is very large, with an average height of 6 inches (150 mm). Specimens of this species have been quoted of the size of a man's head. The shell is thin and inflated, but still relatively solid and durable. The shell is almost diaphanous when young; at that time the transverse ribs of the surface are only indicated by lines of a slightly deeper tint. In terms of its weight however, the thin shell is very much lighter than the shell of most other large sea snails. The aperture of the shell is "distinctly round" and wide.


        You can make your choise of Tonna Galea by:

        • Size:    7.5 and 8 inch
        • Color:  Beige, Brown