In Maya-Xel you can find the most original and special pieces for decorating your home or business. You can create a unique and magical space for the admiration of your visitors or clients.

Maya-Xel pieces combine the most spectacular marine creatures with a design that enhances all their natural beauty, using copper as a support element for its flexibility and durability.

You can choose the piece that you like the most by browsing our collections of lamps, candles, decorative trees and artistic objects, such as paintings and curtains.


Maya-Xel seashells gift & souvenirs



These are our favorite types of seashells to design our magical lamps:


 Pleuroploca Gigantea (Florida Horse Conch)


The Florida Horse Conch is the second largest type of spiraled shell (gastropod) in the world. There are registered specimens of 2 feet in length. It is also one of the heaviest shells in world with some examples weighing in at 18 pounds. The Florida Horse Conch is an apex preditor in the shell universe, consuming any other smaller shell that crosses it’s path. It is one of the only cannibalistic shells in existance as it will gladly eat it’s on kind. Truly large specimens (20” or larger) are an exceptionally eye catching piece whether be in a collection or alone on the mantle.


Charonia Variegata (Caribbean Triton)

In most mayan religous ceremonies, the Pink Conch is used as a trumpet however in the most sacred of Mayan rituals, only the Caribbean Triton is used as the shell itself is considered sacred. The Caribbean Triton lives throughtout the Caribbian but in the Mayan Riviera the shell grows thick and heavy making it a great piece for collections and highly sought after by collectors. Large ones of 13 inches or more are fairly rare and highly prized, especially the ones that are blessed with the herringbone pattern.


Cassis Madagascariensis forme Spinelli (Clench Helmet)


The clench helmet is a subspecies of a much smaller species called the Emperor Helmet. The Emperor Helmet lives in fairly shallow Caribbean Sea waters. The Clench Helmet is very similar in appearance but lives in deep water and grows on the average twice as big as the Emperor Helmet. It is the second largest helmet in the world and fairly hard to obtain in perfect condition as only divers that are willing to go deep enough to retrieve them well bring up the perfect condition shells.


Melo Broderipii (Crowned Bailer)


The Melo broderipii shell is from the southwest Pacific. Otherwise known as the Crowned Bailer shell, it was used for centuries as a tool. The indiginous peoples from Sri lanka to Australia would use this shell to bail out there conoes as the shell was light weight and held a good amount of water. The first European explorers encountered this shell being used for bailing thus it’s name