Did you know that shells and snails could be, in essence, divinities?


Did you know:

  • For ancient cultures in Mexico, snails and shells represented bodies in the sky. For this reason these malacological materials adorned deities related to the stars, the moon or Venus.
  • The shells were used to make musical instruments. The trumpet, a sacred musical instrument associated with great ceremonies and events, is made of a snail from which the tip was cut to leave a hole through which the musician blows, producing such a characteristic sound.
    • The shells were brought from different seas for a commercial purpose; There were certain species of the genus Spondylus princeps, which were the most requested, which established an important trade network between the peoples of the coast, especially of the Caribbean, such as the Mayan culture, and those of the Altiplano, from Teotihuacan to Tula.

      • There are many types of shell ornaments made in ancient Mexico: beads, earrings or pendants, necklaces, pectorals, ear flaps, nose rings, and inlays.
      Revelaciones de las culturas maya y mexica – Contacto Noticias
        • Many images in codices depict gods dressed in shells and snails:
          • Tetzcatlipoca is characterized by wearing the shell pectoral known as anáhuatl,
          • Huitzilopochtli appears with a black mask surrounded by shell inlays, which represents the starry night.
          • Tecciztécatl, god of the sea snail, turned lunar deity during the holocaust of the creation of the Fifth Sun

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