How to create an exclusive metal tree

 Today I have found a special stone that it is perfect for mounting a tree. It is a very old rock that has been weathered by waves, wind and rain as it has spent 100’s of years both in the ocean and on land. This piece still has the original clam bore channels and other structures of marine animal integrated in the stone. I was planing on putting a brown colored tree on it but if you prefer black or steel colored, that is something I can do. The tree will consist of 93 strands of tempered steel, all of which is twisted by hand.


I’m trying to illustrate the way that the tree is firmly fashioned on and through the stone and the preparation of the stone itself to make the piece work correctly.



In this photo I have just finished the priliminary wind swept effect. Here the branches are positioned for the first time in the correct positions to create a full bonnet for the tree.

 The final piece will have a windblown look and felt on the bottom. Also my signature will be in a small cutout in the felt. I still have about 20 hours of work to put in it. When its all done it will just about look real. In color, texture and form. Since the roots of the tree actually go all the way through the stone, you can pick up the piece by the trunk without compromising and integrity of the piece.

 All the metal sculpting has been finished on the tree. It is the largest piece I have done to date. The piece measures 22” tall, 16” wide, 13” long. I have 60 hours into the piece so far. It is so far the most realistic and best tree I’ve done! I can’t express the feelings I have for this piece.  All that is left is the final paint and the felt bottom. Paint is going to take me a couple a days. All in all. One last note: I would like to put a dedication on the bottom. Hope you folks will appreciate this piece as much as I do.


Contact us if you want to have a metal tree that will become a unique piece in your collection. Completely handmade, dedicated and with a photo album as it was built, they are part of the customization that we can make of your piece.


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